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On October 22, 2019, the Lakeland Tropics Futbol Club announced a new partnership with Capelli Sport. Under this new partnership, Capelli Sport will become the Official and Exclusive uniform, apparel and equipment provider for the Youth Tropics club, outfitting both the travel and inter-league teams. As well, beginning Fall 2019, the Florida Tropics pro-club will wear Capelli Sport, and in 2020, will match the youth travel kits – further integrating the fullness of the Tropics organization. 


Who is Capelli Sport?

Capelli Sport is an innovative sportswear and team wear brand focusing on design of the highest quality, latest fabric technology and design functionality for world-class performance on the field. Capelli Sport has sponsored recreational and club teams around the globe with the strong belief that promising young athletes stay enthusiastic and succeed if they are given the proper support.

Why is LTFC changing uniforms?

Clubs often change uniform design every few years. We have been fortunate that our previous uniform was available for the last two years.  In conjunction with our partnership and in response to player and parent feedback about the service, fit and comfort of our previous uniform, we have selected a new partner in Capelli Sport which will ensure players have a lightweight, high quality fabric that offers brand name recognition, is appealing to youth athletes and offers a professional look.

Which players are required to wear the new uniform?

Beginning with Fall 2020, all players, both travel and inter-league, are required to wear the designated Capelli Sport uniform kits.

I just replaced my player’s uniform last year after it wore out.  Why do I need to buy another?

We appreciate any expense that a family makes in support of a child’s athletic endeavors.  LTFC has worked diligently to keep registration fees affordable over the years, knowing that families will occasionally need to purchase uniforms, shin guards and a ball.  As a result, we try very hard to keep our registration fees at a lower cost than other sports programs in town. Also, while the new uniform represents a significant improvement in quality, comfort, and fit from the previous model, there is only a slight increase in the total kit price for our travel teams, which includes a backpack which was previously not an option.

I have never had to pay for my inter-league uniform, why do I have to now?

As a matter of convenience, we found it a more acceptable option for our families to have the opportunity to purchase their own uniforms to ensure adequate sizing, styling, and need. While we acknowledge this is a change from previous years, we believe it will create a more efficient way of distributing uniforms moving forward. As well, with this new formal, inter-league kits will be used in the same cycle as travel kits (two years), therefore an inter-league player can wear the same kit for four interleague seasons – Fall 2020, Spring 2021, Fall 2021, and Spring 2022.

Are you providing players with the opportunity to try on the uniform for sizing?

Yes, we will be offering to host three “Fit Nights.” Date TBD.

How can I order uniforms?

Through our innovative partnership, Capelli Sport will design a fully integrated online store where both travel and inter-league players may purchase their uniforms. All uniform purchases are made via the online store and will ship directly to your home. The website address will be distributed prior to May 1, 2020 when orders begin.  

When can I order my uniforms?

            Both travel and interleague will be able to order uniforms beginning May 1, 2020.  

When will my uniforms arrive?

            Travel uniforms must be ordered by June 15, 2020 to arrive by August 1, 2020.

            Interleague uniforms must be ordered by August 8, 2020 to arrive by September 8, 2020

Who do I call if I have an issue with my order?

            Capelli Sport Customer Service – 1-855-588-6511  

Can I purchase additional supplies such as balls, shoes, and fan apparel?

YES! The Capelli Sport / Tropics store will have a variety of products including fan gear, goalie kits, shoes, and other accessories.



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