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Game - Day Rules Explained


Build-Out Line:

What? This rule ensures that goalkeepers do not punt a ball but instead must pass the ball using his/her feet or hands.

Why? We want to give all players an opportunity to get touches on the ball, when a goalkeeper punts a ball it bypasses multiple players and multiple opportunities for players to get touches on the ball and make decisions.

Who? US Soccer developed this rule to increase player development.

Description: If the goalkeeper saves it or if it is a goal-kick all opposing players must retreat behind the build-out line. The ball is ‘live’ once the teammate touches the pass received by the goalkeeper- this becomes the moment for the opposition to cross the build-out line. If the opposition crosses over the build-out line before a player receives a pass then it is an indirect free kick.


What? No heading by youth players until they turn eleven (11) years of age.

Why? To ensure that we are following through with new concussion protocols. Please take the time to watch this concussion video so we can recognize player safety together.

Who? US Youth Soccer.

Description: An indirect free-kick is awarded if a player heads the ball.




What: No standings of team positions 

Why?  The main purpose of inter-league participation is ‘fun’. While part of fun is displaying a healthy level of competition we want to emphasis that participation and fun supersedes winning.

Who? US Soccer implement no standings in their US Development Academy Leagues (the highest standard of youth soccer in America).

Description: All coaches should record their scores to ensure that we can properly place teams for Judges Cup. Please report your score to the LFC information tent onsite during game-days.


Goal Deficit Rule:

What? Teams can add players if they are getting scored on a lot.

Why? To ensure that we are keeping games as even and as fun as possible.

Who? Lakeland Futbol Club

Description: A team can add an additional player to the field if they have a goal deficit of three (3) goals. If a team goes another three (3) goals up and now there is a six (6) goal deficit to make up the opposing team can add a second player to the field.

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