Hello LFC Members.

We as a club are deeply saddened and upset about the happenings of Judges Cup from this past weekend.  In addition, we sincerely apologize for our delay in responding to our members with more information.  We met as a board to discuss the events, and had parents/coaches in attendance as well to provide feedback and insight into the weekend.  We have discussed and re-evaluated our processes for the upcoming seasons to ensure we do not run into similar issues with age groupings in the future.

We want to provide a little more insight as to the questions surrounding the Judges Cup tournament and age groupings.

Age groups this year were formed under the perception that the Fall Season ended in 2016, and as such age groups were to be determined based on the season ending 2016, this was inaccurate and not in alignment with the other teams/clubs in Polk County. When we set the age group associations it was based on an interpretation of the verbiage that per FYSA we should use in determining age groups the year the season ended. Unfortunately, our interpretation of season was not consistent with either FYSA’s intention or the other clubs in our areas interpretation. We interpreted 2016 as the end of season, because the fall season ended in the year 2016. Intention was 2016-2017 as season. Our misinterpretation ultimately affected the end of season tournament eligibility.

When the question was first brought to light, the head of the Polk County Presidents contacted all other member Presidents (Lake Wales, LFC, Bartow, Winter Haven, North Lakeland, Auburndale) and the agreement was then made that it was in the best interest of all the players and their families to proceed on with the tournament as originally scheduled. We would then re-evaluate the age groupings as it pertained to the 2017 Spring Season.

LFC then proceeded with the understanding that all member clubs were in agreeance and we would play on as normal for Saturday and Sunday. It came as a shock to us as well as our members when Saturday morning arrived and we were being contacted from those at various locations notifying us of the forced forfeits.

What we have also heard, and are deeply sadden by is the treatment of our members, especially the players, by other clubs at various locations. LFC will attend the next Polk County Presidents meeting and we will discuss the broken agreement and poor treatment of our members and look to move forward with the other clubs in a positive way.


Moving forward for LFC:

  • We have adjusted our age groupings for the spring and will be following in future the understanding that a season is both the fall & spring together and may spread of two different years.

  • All Stars: All players are being evaluated by their birth year. And will be moved into the appropriate age grouping based on birth year for the 2016/2017 season as a whole.

  • We are considering more effectively utilizing GotSoccer to eliminate any discrepancies for age groupings as well. This is not a requirement for the Inter-League (recreational) programs, however LFC are looking to adopt its usage in a way that will best assist with elimination of discrepancies in the future.



Lakeland Futbol Club - Board of Directors

President: Daragh Cullen • Board of Directors: Darryl Denson, Robert Aranda, Julian Robins,
  John McCarron, Alicia Rossow, Dan Shupsky, Vince Strawbridge, Sheryl Fernandez 

DOC Travel: Eoghan Conlon • DOC Inter-League: Ernie Head • Club Operations: Stephanie Keen




**Please see chart in the below link for age group decisions for upcoming seasons**

Age Group Matrix for Upcoming Seasons