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If you ordered a kit for Fall 2020 or Spring 2021 you do not need to order a kit for Fall 21.

Only new players need to order a kit.

Order your kit today by following the link provided.


Password: recreation

Your jersey number will be the day your child was born.

If you are a twin or triplets simply add a day on.

Example: Child born on the 28th of December, jersey number will be 28. 

















On October 22, 2019, the Lakeland Tropics Futbol Club announced a new partnership with Capelli Sport. Under this new partnership, Capelli Sport will become the Official and Exclusive uniform, apparel and equipment provider for the Youth Tropics club, outfitting both the travel and inter-league teams.

Who is Capelli Sport?

Capelli Sport is an innovative sportswear and team wear brand focusing on design of the highest quality, latest fabric technology and design functionality for world-class performance on the field. Capelli Sport has sponsored recreational and club teams around the globe with the strong belief that promising young athletes stay enthusiastic and succeed if they are given the proper support.

Why is LTFC changing uniforms?

In response to sizing needs and to improve our overall brand we have offered members the option select the size of their child's uniform. This purchase will be good for the next four (4) recreation seasons: Fall 2020, 2021, Spring 2021, 2022.  and will allow us to have home and away jerseys on our recreational game days. 


Uniform Cycle

When does the current uniform cycle start and when does it end?

We are in the first year of a two-year uniform cycle with Capelli Sport. This means all recreation players are required to buy the standard kit for the 2020-2021 season. The kit will span the next two years until Spring 2022.



How do I order my child’s kit?

Capelli Sport has set up on online store to order your recreation kit. The kits are good for two (2) years.

The Mandatory Recreational Kit includes:

  •  Home & Away jersey  – White Jersey (home), Orange Jersey (away), Black Shorts, Black Socks. 



How do I know which jersey # to select?

  • Simply take your birthday as the number selection. 

  • Example: you were born 12/28/2008, your jersey number would be 28. 

  • If you are a twin then add a day on, example above second child would be 29, and triplet, third child would be 30,

  • Select sizes, add to cart and follow the order prompts to complete


What if I want to order additional items?

Parents may order additional items, as desired. Our package price is established for the minimum items needed, listed above.



How do the sizes run?

Capelli Sport youth and adult kits run slightly smaller than the previous kits. Use the virtual sizing chart located here to get measurements and more precise sizing for your child.  Remember, the kits will be used for the next two years, order for room to grow!

A few examples –

Child 1 is 5’5, 102 lbs – Mom ordered size Adult Small

Child 2 is 4’11, 76 lbs – Dad ordered size Youth Medium (shorts), Youth Large (shirt)

What if the uniform arrives and does not fit?

Custom orders (all jerseys with numbers on it) are nonrefundable or exchangeable. However, shorts and socks are not custom and are exchangeable by contacting Capelli Sport.

Please note – it is much easier to make changes on shorts or socks - please ensure the shirt size is appropriate as changing shirt sizes, etc. can cause delays.



How are uniforms distributed?

With the online Capelli store, uniforms can be ordered now and will be delivered directly to the home or place of business. You can use LAKELANDFREE20 to access free shipping on all orders above $99.00.

Is there a deadline to order uniforms?

To guarantee delivery by the start of the spring season, orders must be placed by February 15th to allow for production and shipping. Orders placed after September 12th may significantly delayed.  



My kit does not fit, can I exchange it for a different size?

Customized items featuring crests, names and player numbers are one of a kind and cannot be returned or exchanged.



Who do I contact if I need assistance with ordering, sizing, or further information?

Please contact Capelli Customer Service via email at



Capelli Sport has provided an array of optional items featuring the Tropics logo and brand. These are OPTIONAL and not required. If the goalkeeper would like to order the OPTIONAL goalkeeper jersey, this is in addition to the Mandatory RECREATIONAL Kit. All players must have the RECREATIONAL Kit, even if they play goalie most times.

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